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Brothers & Sisters,

The Membership of Local 625 voted in 2009 to adopt IBEW's Code of Excellence Program. In doing this, the Membership of Local 625 promises and guarantees to maintain the highest standard of professionalism in the electrical industry as stated in our Constitution.
When a Member of Local 625 is dispatched to a Code of Excellence designated job site, that Member is guaranteeing that he/she will perform the highest quality and quantity of work, utilizing their skills and abilities to the maximum and exercise safe and productive work practices thus ensuring a successfully completed project.

Any Member wishing to work on a Code of Excellence Project must read and understand their responsibilities on these projects as outlined in Local 625's Code of Excellence Program. A complete PDF document can be viewed on our website by clicking on the Code of Excellence Icon located on the right hand side of our website and selecting the Document menu item.

Only Members who have agreed to the terms and conditions of Local 625's Code of Excellence Program will be dispatched to these projects, therefore, by checking off that you accept the terms and conditions of Local 625's Code of Excellence Program through this form, you are signing off on your commitments to Local 625 and our Code of Excellence Program.

The Terms and Conditions of our Code of Excellence Program concerning each Member's responsibilities/promise are :

Come to work on time, fit for duty and ready to work.
Obey recognized customer and employer work rules.
Demonstrate zero tolerance for alcohol and substance abuse.
Exercise proper safety, health and sanitation practices.
Own up to 8 for 8 and be on the job unless otherwise allowed or authorized to leave.
Follow safe, reasonable and legitimate management directives.
Encourage respect for the customer's right and property, as well as for others on the job.
eXercise the skills and abilities of the trade.
Care for tools and equipment provided by the employer.
Eliminate waste and other forms of property destruction, including graffiti.
Limit lunch and break times to allocated periods; adhere to established start and quit times.
Leave inappropriate behavior to those of lesser knowledge.
Employ the proper tool for the job and maintain personal tool responsibilities.
do Not solicit funds or sell merchandise without the Business Manager's approval.
Curtail idle time or pursuit of personal business during work hours, including cell phone use.
Expel job disruptions and refuse to engage in slowdowns or activities designed to extend the job or create overtime or any other conduct that would cast the IBEW in a bad light.

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