Media & Photos

To round out our web site and to keep it current, we welcome your 625 related videos. Maybe a quick glimpse of you and your brothers and sisters on the job site (with permission, of course), perhaps the retelling of a site or Local related story, or even you interviewing your co-worker about why they’re 625 members, what they take most pride in, a bragging point, something new an apprentice learned and wants to share, tricks of the trade — use your imagination. We welcome your input.

A few simple conditions are:

  • It’s vital to have permission from the contractor to photograph on the job site and during work hours.
  • Ask permission to record your sisters or brothers.
  • Have them introduce themselves and their unit, “Hi, I’m Albert Einstein of Unit 2.”
  • Discourage the use of language that isn’t suitable for a wider audience.
  • Include your name, the date and location of the shoot.
Send your video clips in today.
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