List of Charitable Organizations

  • St. FX University - Nursing Bursaries

  • Christmas Daddies

  • Royal Canadian Legion

  • NS Crime Stoppers

  • Skills Canada / Canadian Skills Competition

  • Police Association of Nova Scotia

  • Techsploration

  • Nova Scotia Community College Bursary

  • Habitat for Humanity, HRM

  • Child Find Nova Scotia

  • Apprenticeship Celebration Events

Yearly average of charitable donations - $13,000.00

Yearly average of techsploration - $1,200.00 / month X 12 = $14,400.00

Total average per year of charitable donations & techsploration - $27,000.00

You will find members of IBEW Local 625 volunteering within the communities in which they live throughout the Mainland of Nova Scotia.  From volunteer firefighters to community advisory groups to various minor sports activities and so on, you’ll find members and spouses of IBEW Local 625 giving back to their community.