Charities and Volunteering

625 Volunteerism
Across mainland Nova Scotia in fire stations, libraries, hospitals, home and school associations, and sports arenas, volunteers gather.  Counted among them are IBEW Local 625 electricians and their family members.

As an organization, we take pride in the sheer number of hours our membership donates to a variety of causes and concerns they favour.  Whether they act as a coach for a minor league team, or they service on their local PTA, they do so as active, interested members of their community and they do it because they can.

So many hard working people would enjoy an opportunity to participate in the various activities that go on in their community but are unable to commit the time because their work hours run into evenings and weekends.

For us within the IBEW, we can count on our hours of work and, as a result, we can lend a hand where it is needed, when it is needed.

Click here to see how 625’s participation in Habitat for Humanity HRM, changed the lives of three families.

Stand up and be counted!
To our 625 members, we ask that you send us a message at and tell us about your volunteer work, or about how a family member's supporting a cause with their free time.  We’d like to know how many volunteer hours are offered by 625 members.

625 Charitable Giving
The well-being of children and families, education and career advancement, our veterans, and community safety are all the concerns of Local 625.

Each year we support charitable and not-for-profit organizations that carry out meaningful work and causes which reach a wide cross-section of mainland Nova Scotia’s citizens.

As part of the Local 625's commitment to broaden the diversity of our membership that has been male dominated for over 100 years, we promote TECHSPLORATION every day!  This group is dedicated to encouraging and assisting young women from diverse backgrounds to fully explore avenues of employment in science, technology and the trades. IBEW 625 donates 2 cents of EVERY HOUR worked by our members to Techsploration!

We’re proud to say that this number, together with our other charitable gifts, means that 625 makes annual donations of $27,000.

The following is the list of groups and organizations that to date has benefited by the strong membership of IBEW Local 625.

  • St. FX University - Nursing Bursaries
  • Royal Canadian Legion
  • NS Crime Stoppers
  • Hope Blooms
  • Skills Canada / Canadian Skills Competition
  • Police Association of Nova Scotia
  • Techsploration
  • Nova Scotia Community College Bursary
  • Habitat for Humanity, HRM
  • Child Find Nova Scotia
  • Apprenticeship Celebration Events