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Q How does the union work?
A A union is a democratic organization of workers in an industry. The basic idea of a union is that by joining together with fellow workers to form a union, workers have a greater ability to improve conditions at the worksite. In other words, "in unity there is strength."

Q What will be in our contract?
A It is for the union members to decide what to negotiate for.  A negotiating committee from among the membership of the local union is selected, and then the committee will sit down with management to negotiate a contract.

The law says that both sides must bargain in good faith to reach an agreement on wages, benefits, and working conditions. The contract will only take effect after it is approved (ratified) by a majority of the members.

Q Who runs the union?
A The union is a democratic organization run by the members. Members elect the local officers. You vote on many issues of importance to you. You vote on your contract. Union members elect delegates to national conventions, where delegates elect national officers and vote on major issues affecting the union such as constitutional amendments. The union is the people themselves.

Q The employer says the union can't guarantee us anything. Can you?
A The union can guarantee this: that when workers stick together as a union they have more bargaining power and more of a voice than they do as individuals.

Q Management says the union is just after our dues money. Why should we pay money to the union?
A Dues are used to run your union and keep it strong. The dues are divided between the local union and the international union. The local union's money is used for salaries of officers and staff, the operation of the union hall, and for other expenses of your union.

Q How much are Union Dues?
A The dues will be set by you, as a local union, with the exception of the International portion of the dues, which is set and voted by all Local Unions at the International Convention every five (5) years.


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