Benefits - on the job and off

As a Union, where members have an equal voice in every vote, each and every IBEW Local 625 journeyperson and apprentice should feel proud of the top of the line Benefits Package we have secured. Medical, dental, pension and life, plus any number of other benefits ensures 625 electricians and our families enjoy life now…and into the future.

But one can hardly discuss the hard benefits of a group package without also speaking of the soft benefits that come with union work. We’re proud of the One-to-one ratio of Apprentice to Journeyperson, our commitment to on-the job Safety, providing on-going Training through our JATC, the opportunity to use our skills across the trade, and being an electrician among a ready, willing and able workforce that is 1,000 strong.

Members and web site visitors alike are welcome to view or print the attachments found on this page. We’ve also added the most Frequently Asked Questions about union life with 625. We want to be sure that anyone who is interested—625 electricians or non-union electricians and their spouses—has all pertinent information about the great work and home life IBEW Local 625 offers at their fingertips.

If you have questions about your benefits or about joining IBEW Local 625, please call. All conversations are held in confidence. (902) 450-5625.

IBEW Local 625 Code of Excellence Benefit Plan Adminitrators Claim Forms

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